Iwona Duszek

Intermezzo (2020)
digital print
20 x 14 in.

Suddenly the world was physically enclosed in four walls. Paradoxical is the fact that the house’s limited space has created a theater in which individual dramatic external events have expelled subsequent acts of our reality. This newly created scene gave vent to unlimited emotions, which became more expressive, with each passing day overwhelming its weight.

Social interaction has been replaced by interaction with one’s ego, and the search for answers to thrilling questions and decisions made has been inscribed on the map of the everyday maze. Labyrinth, with a search for directions to exit and safe choices, has become part of the landscape of daily routine. Finding the way did not mean the end of this emotional, intellectual, and individual journey because the chaos and fear moved us from the space of internal comfort and released a lot of concerns in this process.

The unexpected course of events condemned us to physical isolation, provoked a confrontation with hidden fears and revealed our adaptability and flexibility. A sudden change fit into our existence, triggering a wide range of behaviors, from the most secretive to extroverted and eccentric. Our private space has lost its boundaries and expressiveness, transformed into a universal, marked only by markers that we set to preserve the rest of our intimacy.

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