Hyunhee Doh

“Nostalgia” is a natural, biological, brainy effect that is adopted to every single perspectives and experiences we go through.

It is often seen as a simple sentimentality – such as melancholy.
However, this ‘sentiment’ should not be treated too emotionally. It is the most inevitable and strong factor that distorts perceived reality into our own reality.

It resonates the raw reflection of the individual oneself when creating new reality inside our mind. Conduction of Nostalgia effect is often done through the trades between sense and experience, interactive reactions to past and present, or effort to self-awareness; which can be partially self-consciousness, or even self-hatreds. However, regarding it as a continuous, non-definable filter that effects us everyday, everywhere, and unconsciously, it is not really possible to capture the moment of it creating new distortions and sentiments.

So how can it be recognized?

Hyunhee Doh treats Nostalgia as a Deconstruct-able factor in her art world. Through studying the Process of Deconstructing Nostalgia, we are allowed to be more accessible to unconscious self, which will create the future “Nostalgia.”

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