Gaby Mojica

16 x 20 in.

Once Upon a Time, I was dead. I lived through my soul that stored my memories and dreams. Only my eyes picked through the window of the outside world. Clearing my lens and focusing on the true horrors I saw. I blinked my eyes and caught the view, to then turn it into a reflective moment that needed to be expressed. The view traveled inside my mind and turned my hand to automatic creation. My mind and soul controlled my hand into replicating the beautiful realistic view from life into a fantasy, or an illusion to reality.

As a new artistic challenge emerges in every artwork, my hand reaches for help from my mind, but my soul fights to be in full control of the final piece. Ripping open closed wounds caused my blood to drip into the art every time. The more blood I lost, the more I only became a tool ruled by the art wanting to speak out but I will never go away. I will forever survive in the corner of the art. My soul storing my memories and dreams will leave my body and long live inside the artwork I once created. I am now alive, Living Happily Ever After.

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© Gaby Mojica