Gabriela Sincich

Daughter of the Rainforest (2020)
from the series Of Women and Nature
oil on canvas
14 x 7 in.

My on-going series Of Women and Nature explores the relationship between the natural and feminine worlds. The presence of the female figure embodies the ideas of life and time, as an element in constant transformation by the process of aging. It also implies concepts such us woman-ness, femininity, motherhood, and Mother Nature, which are continuously combined, merged and fused into one another.

The idea of presenting the female figure as a goddess comes from my perception of the feminine with the power to reinvent herself, but also comes from my belief that we, humans, should be protecting the natural world, as the keepers and not the takers, as guardians of something vulnerable and precious.

For that reason, the imagery of my recent works depicts animals and plants from different ecosystems not only as a testimony of their beauty, but as an attempt to honor their greatness before they vanish.

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