Fran Bull

Off to School from Suite: Suite Series

Rescue from Suite:Sweet Series

At the Movies from Suite:Sweet Series

Works from this 2001 series are copperplate etchings on 32 x 23 in. paper; plate: 18 x 14 in. | $450 each

Touch is vital for us as humans; it’s our first language and a very powerful means of communication. We are all hard wired for the need of touch and it defines us as a species. Touch has a profound capacity to nurture our connections with others and gives us an overall sense of well-being. Those denied of sufficient touch experience more depression, aggressive behavior, and higher stress levels.

In the short term we will collectively suffer from the loss of the humanizing benefit of touch; and under current restrictions lose some sense of connection to other people, and may begin to feel more alienated from one another. Once we start to come out on the other side of this, and as life slowly returns to normal, we will all embrace touch once more, perhaps with a newfound sense of appreciation.

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