Erica Duffy

Untitled (Solenoid Piece)
sterling silver, stainless steel, mild steel, magnet wire, electronics
14 x 9 x 11 in.

Stemming from my own experiences as a person who stutters, I have become interested in examining the phenomena that interrupt the flow of communication between people. When my lips shake and the muscles of my face and neck contort, sounds emit from my mouth as fragmented pieces of the words they were meant to be. This experience can be disruptive to those unfamiliar with the sights and sounds of stuttering.

Our past experiences help shape our reactions to new situations. Sociological and cultural differences between people may cause them to interpret the same circumstances in dissimilar ways. This is often a source of miscommunication. Similarly, my work promotes disfluent social interaction, creating an environment that heightens awareness of the factors disruptive to effective communication.

© Erica Duffy