Elizabeth Wuerffel

The resurfacing of this street became for me a microcosm of the greater urbanization and westernization happening in Beijing and throughout China and Southeast Asia. Precise, handwritten notes delineating changes to come, marking the entrance from the past to the future. Cutouts leave part of the past, part of the natural, to survive. Meanwhile, other buildings are cut away, bulldozed, and torn down; only structural seams and memories remain to mark their past. Wuerffel has collaborated on a number of projects including a video shown in London and California for V1B3 Summer06, and performances for the Chicago Cultural Center’s Site Unseen and Links Hall’s Drive By Performance Series. She has formed a performance group, Chance of Showers (www.chanceofshowersperform.com), with two fellow artists. Wuerffel currently teaches in Beijing for Valparaiso University.

© Elizabeth Wuerffel