Elizabeth Busey


From a distance, my monoprint collages can look like quilts or mosaics. Colorful elements are carefully cut and placed into matrices reminiscent of mathematical or scientific principles. When considered up-close, vintage maps, personal cyanotypes and colorful monotypes keep the viewer’s eye moving from element to element. Drawing from travel, topography and plant forms, my monoprint collages evoke feelings of memory, longing and connection. My reduction linocuts are influenced by my home in the Ohio River Watershed of the American Midwest, as well as my travels around the world. Inspiration can come from an airplane window or a forest hike. I use the labor-intensive, non-digital technique of reduction printmaking to coax colorful, rhythmic representations of patterns in nature from a single block of linoleum.



Elizabeth Busey likes to exploit the deliberate nature of printmaking and collage as a way to meditate on parts of the world that fascinate her. Daily encounters with towering billows of clouds as well as expansive topographies and microscopic illuminations are translated into detailed, rhythmic monoprint collages, and large, colorful reduction linocuts.

Elizabeth Busey’s artwork is included in public, corporate, hospital and private collections in the United States, Europe and Australia. Her work has been featured in juried printmaking shows such as the Boston Printmaker’s North American Biennial, the Four Rivers Print Biennial and the National Print Exhibition at Artlink in Ft. Wayne, IN. Her monoprint collage, Nevertheless She Was Sanguine, was awarded First Place in the Indiana Artists juried show at Newfields/Indianapolis Museum of Art.

Busey was born in Syracuse, New York in 1967 to parents who loved to hike and travel. She continued this interest as she lived on both coasts, and now resides among the rugged hills and valleys of Bloomington, Indiana.

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