Elizabeth Busey

Searching For Other Suns
monoprint collage
18 x 18 in.

Dear Earth,

Forgive us. Forgive us for making protecting you a matter of calculated, economic choices rather than a conversation about sacred values.

We must commit to you and to all the people and living things on the earth to walk together –
— to encourage rather than blame;
— to approach protection together as a sacrificial activity;
— to let go of the critiques of other countries and cultures;
— to search for changes, solutions, innovations with the fervent zeal you deserve;
— to be transformed in our awareness of your peril.

Developing a sacrificial view of something depends on understanding at a spiritual level. I seek to ask: “What if what you perceive is related to more than just your immediate experience? Does an image or natural formation remind you of something other than its current form?” I often sense that there is a connection across the macrocosm, where patterns and forms tell a story of the underlying laws of our existence.

I gather my inspiration with the assistance of science and technology. My personal photographic catalogue is filled with images taken from commercial airplanes, often partly eclipsed by an airplane wing. I delight in the myriad of satellite images available to me, as well as those unveiled by highly sensitive microscopes. Artists from only decades ago would have been amazed at this source material.

When we connect the well-being of the Earth to our very heart and soul, perhaps then we can work effectively toward its protection.


© Elizabeth Busey