Elissa Steinert

Wedding Ring for a Trophy Wife
brass, cubic zirconia
1 in.

In today’s society, the subject of committment is often taken lightly. We have even been able to watch unfortunate examples of this on television; syndications such as “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire” and “The Bachelor” only help to illustrate this (as well as cheapen the sanctity of marriage). It is my belief that many people enter into a marital union without even questioning themselves or their decisions, and because of this many people marry for the wrong reasons. “Wedding Ring for a Trophy Wife” is part of a series that is a blatant and humorous illustrations of that.

I chose to make “Wedding Ring for a Trophy Wife” out of brass and cubic zirconia because these are not the preferred components for a wedding ring; just like the marriage that is only for show, these materials are less precious and will tarnish quickly.

© Elissa Steinert