Elaine Woo

Beauty in Imperfection
tablet photo
11 x 8.5 in.

“I’ve been thinking of the impermanence of life. The losses due to the current covid-19 pandemic certainly emphasize that. The momentary vivid colour and beauty of sunlit leaves is a reminder of what is here for a brief time only. Notably, the leaf is flecked with blight and not entirely symmetrical. Life is always imperfect.”

Elaine Woo both a poet and visual artist, finds metaphor in nature and women’s circumstances. She has been making art for a very long time but only recently has exhibited and published. Her artwork has found homes at Woman Made Gallery, Las Laguna Gallery, and the publications, Otoliths, don’tdiepress.org’s S/tick, h& (handandpoetry), Thorn Lit Mag, and The Elephant Journal.”

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© Elaine Woo