Dimelza Broche

La Espalda de Venus (2019)
polymer gypsum, glue, acrylic gloss, felt, fabric, pearlized pins, faux fur, embroidery floss
18 x 13.5 x 10 in.

My work is an ongoing examination and personal exploration of the differently abled female body. To portray issues about disability, I draw inspiration from my own experience as a wheelchair user to promote and question society’s views of the disabled body. With the combination of forms and luscious looking materials, I aim to challenge the societal perception of normalcy and beauty. As an artist I want my work to inspire positive dialogue about body issues, in which the disabled body is better represented.

In my paintings, I examine the nature of the subconscious mind as a result of trauma. It is a safe haven where my body is reinvented into different characters such as animals, body parts, and people. The luscious landscapes in which these figures live are everything that happens inside my head, is the defining edge between the mind, the body and the outside world. In this case, the mind and body are fragmented until not one part remains.

On the other hand, with my sculptures, I am presenting a tangible, multidimensional installation that promotes an internal dialogue within the viewers about their notions of human beauty and normalcy of form and the extent to which it affects their lives and others. By casting parts of my body in plaster I present the viewers with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the disabled figure, challenging them to reconsider not just beauty standards but what is normal in a society which places value on physical appearance. The problem body, once labeled so, becomes a barrier for the disabled which I attempt to breach using my own body and story. (FL)

© Dimelza Broche