Debi Harney

Are You a Witch?
art quilt
42 x 41 in.

While watching a television program about female genital mutilation I was struck with a deep sadness and high level of frustration. One particular woman told her story anonymously. “My grandmother (who was a traditional) kept asking me if I was a good girl. Asking me “Are You A Witch?” Over and over the same questions. Repeatedly I told my grandmother – NO! I am a good girl! That evening my sister and I were given baths then we were taken outside and while being held down by my uncles my clitoris was cut off.”

This story so affected me that I knew it would become a statement for me in my work. I was angry the whole time I worked on this piece. While my immediate anger has subsided, my sadness and frustration still remains.

© Debi Harney