Cynthia Lee

Finding A Path
oil, cold wax, pastel on cradled wood panel
16 x 12 in.

Subtle changes in the colors of a sunset. Water’s murmuring light as waves ripple the shore. A mourning dove’s blues song at dusk. The slow, smoky vibrato of a jazz saxophone. Even the silence at the end of a great poem where new insights resonate.

All of these share a pause, a moment of stillness in the movement between one place and another. They remind me of the rhythm of a conductor’s baton. There is a particular space inside the upbeat and the downbeat… between the edges of one chord and another…or along that glowing phosphorescent crest of a wave just before it breaks.
That’s where I love to be when I create art: inside the space between. I am in motion, riding rhythms.

With palette knife in hand, I explore the layered meanings for me of a profound experience in nature or a state of mind. I play with colors, lines and shapes until boundaries dissolve and open to other possibilities. I want to fold into a wavelength, and feel its frequency as it vibrates from one point in time and space to the next. I am there, inside the energy of connection. Join me…

© Cynthia Lee