CV Peterson

Mykitas Epoch – Trophies III
shredded plastic bags, zip ties, PVC pipe frame
42 x 42 in. | $1,500

When walking down the streets in either the city or the country, it is not hard to spot plastic everywhere one walks. Whether purposeful, such as snow nets or election yard signs, or litter blowing to and fro, plastic surrounds us to the point of invisibility. I believe plastic will be humanity’s legacy because we, as a whole, seem to be striving toward creating a plastic-based ecosystem.

“Mykitas Epoch Trophies” is a celebration of that legacy. I collect rejected plastic bags and shred them by hand before compiling them to create a mimicry of an abstract painting. I then mount the work stretched within a PVC pipe frame in homage to the stretched animal hides that professional hunters mount on their walls. This work is a display of humanity’s power and prestige in how easily we have caused mass exterminations of species and the irreversible changes to the planet through plastic production and overuse. A material that is seemingly so mundane can affect so much.

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