Corinne D. Peterson

Home Made Rights or Wrongs (1991)
porcelain and stain
11 x 25 x 25 in.

I signed up for a ceramics class many years ago, because I had a dream about clay. In my first class, the feeling of touching and forming the clay drew me in. Working with it, I felt at home with myself. Throughout my art practice, clay continued to offer me a means to find a form for the formless truth of the moment. For the triptych, Home Made Rights or Wrongs, I considered the Fourth Amendment and what it meant for people to be secure in their own homes. I shaped End of Still Life, from the Golden Spirals series, to express the spiraling impact of certain childhood moments on the farm. I considered the inner effect on me of a childhood punishment in The Great Divide.

I work more abstractly now, but my work continues to seek to discover, understand and expose the inner divisions that keep me from being at home with myself.

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