Cindy Hansen

Patriarchy Cook-Off (3/17/19)
18 x 22 in.

I use my camera and my imagination to create images that are as ridiculous and absurd as the current world situation. What could be more absurd than the fact that women have been fighting to be recognized and respected as equal human beings to men since the 1800’s! My grandmother’s generation brought us the right to vote. My mother’s generation brought us the Feminist Movement and Roe v. Wade. My generation brought the first woman on the Supreme Court and the first female candidate for President. My daughter’s generation has brought us the #MeToo Movement and the amazing cultural change that it has created. STILL the Equal Rights Amendment of 1972 has not been ratified! We are not equals. This is the very definition of ridiculous and absurd!

To express my anger toward the Patriarchy, I have created absurd images formed in my dreams. “Patriarchy Cook-Off” is a reenactment of a dream I had about strangers invading my house. They were indifferent to my anger and beating fists. I stuffed one guy in the microwave while Bugs Bunny looks on and laughs. What’s up, Doc? (WI)

© Cindy Hansen