Cindy Avroch

Three Points
copper, aluminum & gold on aqua resin
31 x 12 x 10 in.

I begin each piece from the inside out, from a feeling I have about something or someone in my life, somewhere I’d rather be or have been. Always in awe of the beauty that surrounds us. The lines of a beautiful building, the sea, the fields of Provence, or the smile of a child that has mastered something difficult. When I paint I am reminded that my colors, are my words. The layers upon layers build paragraphs that begin tell a story. When I sculpt, I am reminded that my textures, curves and finishes, speak for me. These pieces not only send a message, but show how I’m feeling as well. When my work is going well, my thoughts are conveyed as if words on a piece of paper. My favorite tool are my hands, my favorite material is anything I’m working with at the time. I use a variety of materials and processes, but my result is always consistent. When people see my work, I hope they identify with my happiness and conflicts. Remember communication, whether in words or art is precious. A piece is done when what’s inside, is now in front of me.