Christine Giancola

The Future is Female – Women’s March, Washington D.C. (2017)
digital print
20 x 30 in.

Women before me suffered and were persecuted for the right to vote; it’s a right I don’t take for granted. My vote isn’t about me, it’s about living in a country where all of our voices are heard and all are allowed to speak without fear of persecution or retaliation. The past several years have been a rude awakening and a terrifying display of hatred. Our democracy has been threatened; good people of honor who have faithfully served our country have been demeaned, bullied, and threatened by a power-hungry President who leads through intimidation and fear.

Children have been separated from their families, left alone to cry themselves to sleep in cages. It has been horrifying.

I am voting to reignite what is left of our democracy for my children, grandchildren and students. I’m voting to restore dignity and pride in a country that is on the verge of collapse under the inept leadership of a self-centered tyrant.

© Christine Giancola