Charmaine Ortiz

Search: How To Draw a Woman, Male Perspectives from YouTube result pages 1-50

What do you publicly broadcast to the world about your private self via the YouTube Channel? How does your broadcast reflect others: cultural societal standards, and project onto the masses: reinforcing or eradicating societal constructs? Search:” How to Draw a Woman” presents cultural, political, and psychological projections of a YouTube-self (private desires) onto its viewers (a worldwide public).

Search: “How To Draw a Woman” is a collection of YouTube videos compiled from male authors who describe the techniques and attributes necessary for portraying a woman. The result pages 1-50 reveal that “to draw a woman” not only consists of understanding an overall bodily form, but the successful capture of specific feminine aspects: smooth face, flowing hair, delicate hands, sexy eyes, etc. The male perspectives create varied views on the differing mechanisms of anatomy while noting aspects of beauty and physical flaw. Their tutorial voices are revealing since many of them are creating their women from memory, making their drawings appear as psychological mirrors of themselves (private desires become public). Interestingly as they create their images they openly give instructions to an outsider (the viewer) on how they too can create a similar view. In this regard, YouTube not only allows these men to project and broadcast themselves (private unconscious fears and desires) but it also projects back onto the public spectator notions of gender, beauty, and fantasy.

© Charmaine Ortiz