Jodi Patterson

wood, vinyl, cable
18 x 20 x 4 in.

A gray space forms regarding the sanctity of public/private when torrents of information stream endlessly in and out of our homes, leaving us (and those we love) vulnerable to a variety of transparencies and attacks.

Foundational relationships, often built within a private-exchange-space, are increasingly difficult to preserve when “private” things get launched into “public” spaces. Quips of feelings, actions and ideas are habitually exposed via social media updates and uploads from inside a home that get revealed in front of public audiences. Such shares (which are often innocent) leave all the occupants of the same space (and relationship) helpless to the whimsy of others.

Such infiltration responds to the laws of reciprocity – it is not just that the insider is exposing his/her home and self to an outside audience; but the outside gets invited to come inside – in the form of a welcomed visitor, voyeuristic audience member, reluctant friend, miscreant or home-wrecker.

© Jodi Patterson