Chai Wolfman

Timeline (2016)
paint and thread on paper
18 x 24 in.

I see cities and buildings as symbols for community, growth, and possibility. In a city of concrete and steel, we are planted firmly in the dirt and surrounded by a vast planet of trees, plants, water, and rock. Our connection to history and environment is both personal and collective, as are the themes of imagination and hope. My work celebrates these connections and the varied parts that make up who we are as individuals and where we are going as communities. Where can we flourish? Where can we find stability? Where can we find a sense of home?

Guiding a painting through the sewing machine connects me to past generations who created quilts to warm their loved ones. I infuse that same love and intention of warmth into my paintings. My imagined landscapes blend buildings and natural elements. I use paint and thread to create a world of color and texture that is grounded in hope.