Carolina Vélez Muñiz

Genie Rub
gif made using images of documentation of textiles and a photo taken on a walk in Mexico City

I’ve touched the entirety of the threads I’ve woven. Threads are a way in which I process information through my skin. While the number of things I can freely touch is now restricted to my apartment, I compensate the textures by weaving wool, silk, and cotton or by feeling the weight of my blankets. When I miss stepping on the jacaranda flowers in the spring in Mexico City, I make myself a carpet of them. I collage and remember the memories my textiles carry. The colorful and soft wool blanket was dyed after colors of Catholic celebrations in the streets. I fold it and remember a photo I took of a religious icon I stumbled upon a walk. I’ve resorted to my textiles now that we miss the outside and our loved ones. Through touch and feel, they remind me my place in the world. They remind me of the land I belong to and everything that comes with it.

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