Capri Landi

acrylic on canvas
36 x 24 in.

Chicago native, Capri Landi studied fine arts at Columbia College. She soon discovered her life’s purpose, teaching art. Since 2003, she has taught secondary visual arts in Phoenix, and earned her master’s degree in Education at Arizona State University. Capri’s experience includes showings at the Hokin Art Gallery and most recently at First Friday at Arizona State University. Capri’s artwork incorporates neutralized tones, psychological themes, and organic shapes. Her influences include abstract artists Agnes Martin and Agnes Pelton. In her spare time, Capri enjoys volunteering at the Phoenix Art Museum assisting with educational programs, traveling, and hiking in the desert with her beloved labrador and trusted painting assistant, Marlee.

Her new work, acrylic painting, Embrace comes from a time of uncertainty and isolation dealing with the Covid19 crisis. The use of earth tones and soft, curved lines create a feeling of nurturing, grounding, and warmth.

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