Bobbi Meier

Misted Garden I
charcoal and pastel on paper
29 x 26.5 in.

The search for order and elegance within the chaos and frenetic reality of daily living is played out in my abstracted paintings and drawings. Patterned bed sheets, fragments of monster-like toys, and menacing organic forms have evolved into intricate “gardens” of organic and geometric shapes, patterns, and lines.

These metaphorical compositions entangle the viewer in a web of objective and non-objective imagery overlaid with passages of peace, humor, and at times whimsy. The struggle to find balance and harmony is played out with elegant line work, rendered forms, and variations in paint application. Images are deliberately brought to light and obscured as I weave my way through a dialog with the painting. My intent is to present a multi-layered world for the viewers to navigate and discover their own connections.

© Bobbi Meier