Betty Jane Lau

Spring-20 (Confined Chaos) (2020.6)
contemporary cloths, cottons and synthetics
73 x 62 in.

I was born in the Territory of Hawaii, before it became a state. I have lived on both coasts. I now live in the midwest. Through all these moves, I bring with me a background in weaving and it’s physicality, the notion of two presentable sides, an interest in different cultures and places. The material come from warehouse sales, second hand stores, gifted leftovers. I tear the fabric into strips and recycle them into a weave.

I like mixing unusual designs or colors together. My pieces are like puzzles. I think up different constructs and/or rules for every woven “quilt” and then work to solve it. The fabrics chosen are not only dependent on what I like visually, but also what’s available and how it tears and weaves. Instead of planning the design, I start with a vague idea of a story. I improvise as I tear and iron the fabrics into strips. My aim is to weave one cloth with two sides that echo, compliment or argue. A good display is to scrunch it and throw it down revealing parts of both sides to the viewer. But hanging it with a 360 degree view is the best way to reveal the story.

© Betty Jane Lau