Asha Partyka

Red Dot and the Universe
acrylic and resin on wooden board
10 x 10 in.

I’m fascinated by the human figure, by patterns and how to represent space on a two-dimensional canvas. I’m making my unknown – known. I would like to call myself “a child at play”, who can be drawn to different objects and topics. I’m not limiting myself in the search for new forms and patterns, and my goal is to invent new realities.

I’m interested in painting that could be perceived in a similar way to music, creating energy, transforming someone’s feelings.

The colors cause vibrations and as I combine them with the portrait or a human figure, the painting brings emotion, coming from the poetic interpretation of the character.

I’m looking to create new experiences for the viewer. I want to allow the beholder to perceive the beauty, the joy, the mystery and the unknown, which belongs to the unexplained part of life.

© Asha Partyka