Anne Nordhaus-Bike

Underwire I (2019)
foam brassiere cups, broken Lenox bone china, brown packing threads, ivory crochet thread, and vintage/distressed art hanging wire on painted coated cardboard
12 x 16 in. | $225

I recently bought a swimsuit, which came with foam cups and underwires. I took out the (lumpy and awkward) cups but couldn’t get the underwires out. That fact sparked many emotions about breasts and the difficulties women still face: how to support breast health and comfort while enjoying fashion and style.

In an age of more and more metal detectors (often a form of sanctioned harassment of women in the name of “security”), women’s breasts and clothing continue to reinforce their vulnerability in modern society, as metal detectors penalize those wearing underwire bras. Underwire I and Underwire II capture my feelings about the admittedly useful but still far from perfect brassiere.

© Anne Nordhaus-Bike