Ann Quinn



Ann C Quinn is a visual artist, a graduate of Northeastern University. Adept at painting and photography, Ann is now concentrating on her favorite medium, off-loom weaving in cotton fibers. For over three decades, Ann has exhibited in galleries, taverns, showcase venues, libraries, and in a village hall. Her art is widely seen, purchased, and installed in Chicago.

Ann has devoted 2013 to its own twelve months, portraying how they come and go in color, shape, and texture. For ‘From the Earth’, Ann is presenting new works from this thematic series. The pieces selected each speak their individual message. There are five other existing subjects in the series, one is underway, and four others are yet to be conceived to play out the year. These large wall hangings and free fall room centerpieces will be made available next year as a thematic flow in a public venue.

Born and living on Chicago’s northwest side, Ann is a seasoned sailor who spends many days and nights of the year aboard her sailboat, Crescendo, out of Montrose Bay. Ann’s nautical senses are mainstream to her artistic expressions, be it technique (netting and knot-tying) or material (dock line, cork, rigging, and her own secrets of the sea).

What is more ‘From the Earth’ than cotton, Ann Quinn’s most favored and most versatile raw material?

© Ann Quinn