Andrea Bird

Bill C-38 – The Icing on the Cake
encaustic collage construction
16 x 52 x 7 in.

This work was inspired by WMG’s ‘Here Comes the Bride’ exhibit. I am an encaustic and collage artist, and something about the wax has always reminded me of icing, so I envisioned three scrumptious wedding cakes. Atop each is a 3-D couple, two women, a man and a woman, and two men. This piece is my response and celebration to Canada’s decision to recognize gay and lesbian marriage, expanding our ideas of what is ‘acceptable’. This tolerance of diversity deepens our understanding of difference… it’s a step towards equality and letting go of judgment. The cakes are quite three-dimensional, with sonotube structures below, covered in collage (a wedding dress with lace and beads), and then covered in colored beeswax. Other collage elements include photographs taken in the 1950’s, flower petals, and confetti.

The layers of wax have been gouged down to the red ground below, and lacey patterns are carved into the green ground at the bottom of each piece. As a society, we have the choice to scrape away at pre-conceived ideas and challenge ourselves. I applaud Canada’s choice.

© Andrea Bird