Amy Gibas

oil on panel
8 x 10 in.

As sentient beings, we long for a sense of belonging and of connection to one another. Through the investigation of the transitional space between ourselves on earth and the vastness of the astronomical universe surrounding us, we are able to reflect on the connections and commonalities that exist between us in our shared humanity. By reaching out to the ethereal space above earth, we activate our collective sense of curiosity and address fears of entering unknown domains. Emotional barriers disappear when facing the fear of the unknown, connecting humanity and fulfilling our most vital earthly needs.

Through the investigation of the sky and the cosmos in painted images, I invite the viewer to contemplate their own position and relationship within the astronomical universe as our home. By working together to better understand our relationship to the universe, we push against the sense of insignificance often felt in contemplation of the cosmos and better understand our connections to one another. The longing for human connectivity, the desire for exploration, and the need to feel our place within the universe as our home are essential elements in our existence on Earth.

© Amy Gibas