Amanda Cutting

The Hatching
mixed media
58 x 35 in.

Art, a most honest and vulnerable form of communication, depicts raw emotion that is verbally difficult to convey. It is a link between visual and verbal worlds that translates imagery into messages. Growing up in a very artistic and multi-cultural household required that we look beyond the barriers of language and use art as a medium to communicate and connect with each other. This dynamic process of communication has had a profound influence on my life and my artistic style.

Sexuality and vulnerability are two themes that have continuously been reoccurring throughout my work. During my childhood, art was always an encouraged method of expression, but outward behavior was repressed. Therefore in the beginning of my post-secondary education and early adulthood, I struggled to bring together the internal and external expressions of my personality. Much of my work focused on the conflict between the courage to be honest and the vulnerability of being judged. Emerging from this body of work was the beginning foundation of my identity as an independent woman.

© Amanda Cutting