Yvette L. C. Arendt

mixed media: cut paper, acrylic, conte crayon on panel

Collage is a process of construction. A variety of different materials are brought together, often resulting in an abstract design. No matter what the original source, the final composition allows the artist to transform the images to fit their needs. I have used collage in a variety of ways and am currently interested in its ability to create sharp edges, contrast and bring together a range of textures.

The images I choose are often organic berry and polyp like forms that can remain “tromp l’oeil fragments of reality” or transfer into objective abstraction. The level of abstraction occurring in each work is dependent on the surrounding elements of the painting. Often I will leave sharp contrasts between elements in order to emphasize the collage process. These contrasts also bring the actual and synthetic textures of the paintings to the forefront. The juxtaposition of imagery and textures creates a shallow depth of field synonymous with modern art, especially abstraction.

© Yvette L. C. Arendt