Suyeon Na

Suyeon Na studied Asian painting at Seoul National University in Korea, and received her M.F.A from the Pratt Institute in New York. Affected by her own experience, she has created a “clothes of memories” series to represent the mental states caused by relocation. Her work has been exhibited in galleries including the Seoul Arts Center in Korea, Lana Santorelli Gallery and Ise Cultural Foundation in New York. She is also involved in Chashama North residency. Suyeon Na lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

I create a “clothes of memories” series to represent mental states caused by relocation. In my work, a costume creates a transportable and personal safety zone that either conflicts with or incorporates the surroundings in which it is located. I wear these clothes and photograph myself in various locations throughout America at different times of the day. Through this process, I attempt to embody both the conflict arising between the homeland and the new environment and humanity’s vulnerability in confronting a new environment.

© Suyeon Na