Shahar Caren Weaver

Madonna and Our Divine Dream (2016)
acrylic on canvas
48 x 24 in.

“We are creations that possess enormous potential if only we realize our gifts and go forth with confidence and faith.  When we believe in ourselves, we enlarge our territories and dreams.  When we believe we influence others to dream bigger by our contributions.  We are connected.”

Laws of reality and reason are questioned when I embark upon the creation of a painting. Often days pass while I unconsciously gather information and ideas for my art, then the excitement of birthing an image in both random and planned thought emerges with a burst of vigor. It is as though a breath of light gives each work a mystical existence. Visions of ancestral origin and wonderment of the spirit world store in my mind and shape reality into personal and universal metaphors. although the images in my work are usual products of an impulsive direction, the pleasure of the creative process, the need to communicate, and the search for magic are my greatest motivating factors. Making art gives me the feeling that I am accomplishing a mission that was preconceived by the grace of God. The motif and symbolism are imposed into my psyche and are worked through my hands by a superior force of energy. Thus, I can never take credit for this so-called talent…I’m just an earthly tool.

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