Sarah Kaiser-Amaral

oil on canvas
24 x 24 in.

My painting, Willpower, is about self-control. In the time of this pandemic, I would like to go out and hug a friend or watch a movie at the cinema. But I must remain home, and my hands are tied. I miss human touch. I do live at home with my family and dogs, so I have some human interaction, but most of them, except the dogs, are staring at screens, off in their own worlds. The rope in this painting, that tie my hands together, stand for the self-restraint I must have when I would rather go to my studio and paint or teach a workshop to a group of people. The quarantine has affected our well-being in numerous ways. When I go to the market, I have difficulty communicating with the cashier because I cannot read their facial expressions and hear them behind their masks. When I walk my dogs down the street and smile at someone, I cannot tell if they are smiling back. Also, my sense of time is also warped. I cannot remember what day it is, and all of them run together. I have had to make my own routine, and even if nothing will happen if I do not comply, it gives me a sense of order. Otherwise, I feel like I’m in the dark.

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