Rose Ann Chasman

No Good But Song II
papercutting – painted twinrocker handmade paper, metallic foil, pen and ink
25 x 25 in.

In praise of song, which was an essential part of the Biblical First Fruit harvest offerings. ” ‘You shall rejoice with all the GOOD which G-d has given you’ (Deut. 26:11), and what GOOD is there, but SONG”. These words appear in the center, with the Talmudic commentary (Sukkah 47b) and the SONG, Psalm 30 — “Tears may stay for the night, but joy comes in the morning” — around the circumference.

Chad Gadya – One Kid
papercutting – paper, metallic foil, pen and ink
2.5 x 22 in.

This superficially childish ditty ends the Passover Seder. Destructive powers succeed each other, finally falling to the Angel of Death; all ultimately fall to G-d’s dominion.

© Rose Ann Chasman