Pamela Tarbell

Doll #2
oil on canvas & glass beads
19 x 13 in.

Since it has been over fifty years since I ever remember playing with dolls, I had to stop and think for a while…Dolls to me represent an image of childhood that reflects our culture, our clothing, and the time of history in which we lived. A young girl role-plays with her dolls and sometimes the dolls provide company when no one else is around.

I have picked clothing and dolls from the Native American people. They represent a time of nostalgia: a spiritual culture, existing off the land. And, then they were removed to reservations, children were removed from their parents, and put in American schools to change their upbringing. Their dolls are now sold for huge amounts of money. Once what was valueless, now has come full circle.

© Pamela Tarbell