Nora Moore Lloyd

Words on Canvas (2016)
printed canvas
20 x 20 in.

“As with many native cultures, in Ojibwe tradition it is said that during a lifetime, each of us leaves our tracks in this world — whether following and building upon a route of those who have gone before us or forging a new path. Surviving today’s confusing times reminds us of the struggles of ancestors and requires us to continue their hopes by dreaming bigger. The past becomes a vehicle of discovery … long hidden truths reshape memories & define identity. I created the photo collage and printed canvas to continue a narrative cut short in the late 1800’s.”

Looking backwards into my future,
Paths merge … generations blend
Family mends the broken circle.
Ancestors are ever present.
We’re all related.

Nora Moore Lloyd often combines her interest in history with photography projects. Her artistic focus is an ongoing work-in- progress photo documentation of elders in Chicago’s American Indian community. Locally, her work has been shown at The Field Museum, Chicago History Museum, Illinois State Museum Gallery locations, Cahokia Mounds Museum and Trickster Gallery. She also exhibited at Museo Nacional de Etnografia Y Folklore in Bolivia and Museo Nacional de Arqueologia & Ethnologia de Guatemala.

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