Leslie A. Schug

enamel, brass, paper, plastic, vending machine
50 x 15 x 15 in.

vinyl, permanent marker, paper, plastic, laminate
70 x 48 in.

My work takes a humorous approach by looking at how our culture assigns role prescriptions as a result of gender identification. I am particularly interested in how the mass media portrays the roles of men and women. Images found in catalogs, magazines, books, and newspapers show stereotypical role-playing between the sexes. I appropriate such images because they are both appealing and appalling.

By returning to the act of play this work provides a flash back to our youth when play activities were an important part of the learning process. Play not only draws our attention to the differences between genders, it teaches us gender-appropriate roles. It is this interaction between the audience and the learning process through the act of play that I choose to explore.

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Please feel free to go ahead and play Groper.

© Leslie A. Schug