Laurel Hoffer

Behold! This Glorious Morn, She Brings Us Life Anew, She Comforts Us with Golden Showers (2016)
hand-cut and assembled collage
11 x 14 in.

My work explores female sexuality and persona through the landscape of feminist grotesque surrealism. These landscapes are a visual interpretation of the space outside of patriarchal boundaries in which women are free to express themselves, the landscape of the female wild zone.

Using images from pornography, lifestyle, and nature magazines, I explore Woman as generous lover, fierce warrior, tender caregiver, relentless destroyer, fertile mother – as Mother Earth. The women in my landscapes are goddesses, spirits, from a higher realm; they are products and guardians of, and one with nature itself.

Through the landscape of the feminist grotesque, I aim to assist others in the recognition and celebration of their own wild zones.