Lany Devening

Cloned Lives
19 x 22 in.

17 x 24 in.

This series deal with subjects rooted in classic science fiction, horror, and suspense. These pieces focus on the complex emotions of children and how they deal with their supernatural handicaps and paranoia, as well as how they deal with society and their peers, whether it be by revenge or quiet introspection. These dreamy children deal with the same emotions “normal” children deal with everyday and while they don’t consider themselves special, they do suspect they are different. These images are humorous but they are also meant to create a feeling of tension and deep emotion on behalf of the subjects. With familiar scenery combined with bright local color, at first glance the images look dated, but they take their main root in child psychology. The result is a series of images meant to inspire laughter, tension, introspection, confusion, and fear.

© Lany Devening