Keila Strong

My Cries
visual art
30 x 10 in.

I’ve always desired to use my God given ability to speak against the injustices of life. I’m especially intentional about empowering women, by speaking to us and for us.

Women are often silenced, discriminated against, objectified, abused etc. and as a woman, it’s important that I contest these evils; and bring attention to causes that matter to us.

My hope is that we as women grow to see ourselves and one another in the brightest light…together we can illuminate the world around us.

Using acrylics, I paint vibrant portraits, and compliment them with dark backgrounds; as a way to underline the subject brilliance. My work features Cubism and Impressionism influences. My style is marked by the abstraction of shapes, bordered with daring brush strokes. This helps to unify the portrait, and maintain harmony throughout.

© Keila Strong