Karen Wilcox

Anecdote of the Imagined
oil on canvas
30 x 30 in.

Color, Form, Movement. Painting as a poetic dialog between intention and intuition.
My work is an honest offering of kinship to my viewer/participant: an invitation to explore infinite worlds within and without the physical self. In my newest series of paintings entitled “abicio corpus,” I abandon the figure and have returned to the nonobjective. Narrative intention has given way to the pure intuitive force of color, luminosity, form and movement.

Reflections on “abicio corpus” series: luminous dream-echoes emerge and collide in perpetual motion. Bright, bold, the colors reverberate within shifting space. Quiet, ordered, they reflect origins of uncertain memory and illuminate prophetic vision. Pigmented residue of spontaneous meditations on the chaotic order of the universe to maintain harmony in a world gone mad.

Nothing changes, yet nothing remains the same. This is my story. Tell me yours.

© Karen Wilcox