Joyce Owens

Retro-racing Picasso #1 (2012)
mixed media, acrylic on wood
29 x 5.5 x 4.5 in.

Retro-racing Picasso #2 (2012)
acrylic on wood with grout
12 x 10 x 8 in.

Joyce Owens, MFA, Yale University, is a Chicago-based artist and a member of Sapphire and Crystals since the collective’s 2nd exhibition. Owens teaches drawing and painting at Chicago State. She has won numerous awards and honors. Race has been a constant companion in life and art for Owens. She is a painter who increasingly extends her mixed media work into the 3rd dimension. Incorporating elements of collage and found objects on wood and canvas, the artist is always excited by fortuitous finds she can maneuver and re-purpose. Through visual art, Joyce Owens’ goals are to enlighten viewers and right racist wrongs. In some recent works she has re-attributed art works to the original source, revealing artists who were influenced by African art that was taken from the continent. The African artists who produced the work were not acknowledged, individually, while the artists who appropriated the style became famous.

© Joyce Owens