Jennifer Lindemer

Panic Object #3: Toilet Paper Roll Ends (2020)
18 x 11 in.

I am interested in the things we touch and how these objects inform our lives. My scrutiny of the domestic, as well as my visual language and process, are rooted in the homestead arts and the conservative religion of my rural and midwestern upbringing. I use these influences to interrogate events and experience through objects.

To begin to examine an object, I must take it apart. I disassemble the surfaces of objects using an analog form of reverse patterning. From this process emerges a collection of shapes that eventually become the object’s pattern pieces. Each collection of pieces represents an object’s deconstructed semiotic field of meaning, or more plainly, each object’s web of personal and social significance and history. By disassembling the physical boundaries of everyday objects I am able to interrogate the influence, significance, and utility of each item. The varied levels of deconstruction and rearrangement in my works create distance between my experience and an object’s associations, allowing an opportunity for viewers to interpret each work through their own lens.

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