Jeanie Choi

315 Canal (2012)
5×7 negatives, lightbox, glass
11 x 18 x 2 in.

Jeanie Choi is an artist from Guadalajara, Jalisco, and currently based in Seattle, WA. Her work documents her own and others’ desires to reveal the unsaid using gestures and performances: sharing with the viewer what is private to the confessor, straddling the line between revelation and concealment. Subjects that deal with blurred truths and sexuality are persistent in her work.

Choi’s photographic relationship between herself and her subjects seeks a language to broaden their intimacy, even if it may never capture it. Through gestural and virtual collaborations with her subjects, Choi questions the limits of language and the possibility for a message to exist without meaning, a revelation that falls short to be a confession. Yet, they still make an attempt to encrypt a conversation where the unsaid and deeply personal exists publicly.

Choi has been part of numerous exhibitions, and has been featured in “American Photo Magazine,” “Musée Magazine,” “Capricious Magazine,” among others. Her work has been part of group exhibitions in New York, Guadalajara, and Portland. (WA)

© Jeanie Choi