Grazyna Adamska-Jarecka

Through the language of painting and drawing I am able to explore the aesthetics of gestures of the hand and how these gestures express a faith in the power of women. These gestures also speak to the struggles and failures of women. Michelle Obama is a modern day symbol of feminine aspiration. You can see in her gestures the possibility for women of all ages to realize the traditional goals of ambition and fulfillment.

Michelle’s hands are an encouragement for women of color and immigrant women of all countries to set forth on the hero’s journey of strength, independence and grace. The chosen subject matter also suggests Michelle’s independence, taste and moderation in the sphere of style and fashion. She feels a responsibility to woman of all ages to set a tone that is both proper and playful.

Grazyna Adamska-Jarecka was born in Poland where she pursued a career in Science. In 2002 she received a BA (Honors) in Studio Art from the University of Guelph, Canada and an MFA in painting from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2006. She has been a participant of numerous juried and solo exhibitions in the United States and Canada. She has been an executor of two public commissions in Canada. Adamska-Jarecka is a member of WMG, Chicago, Ward-Nasse Gallery in New York, Ames Community Arts Council. Her works have been published in Studio Visit Magazine 2008, Her Mark 2009, and The Des Moines Registrar of April 12, 2009.