Cynthia Handel

beeswax + wood
8 x 10 x 6 in.

My work is derived form my interests in natural organic forms and processes. The earth’s cycles, eggs, shells, seedpods, all are nature’s containers, subject matter, I am interested in referencing. Exploring themes of reproduction, regeneration, re-birth are issues I am addressing. The work is about what happens at that exact moment when the spirit has created life. Repeated forms indicate multiple layers or levels. These layers, levels or marks are about each and every memory, scratch or history we contain. The vessel form, in all its permutations alludes to a human presence. The body is 98% liquid, it contains water, blood, urine and other substances and memories which contain life.

The process is a large part of the work. The work is carefully constructed of wood, bronze, iron and beeswax. Surface treatments are important; each cross hatch, circle and spiral had been carefully selected. When I repeat these actions I record memories, thoughts and feelings. Feeling the wax on my hands, scraping, rubbing and working the wax over and over again until the mark has just the right appearance, this is the way each piece is created.

© Cynthia Handel