Clara Feder

The Shag and Artist
31.49 x 19.68 in.

(Dream)chain is a transmedia participatory project empowering women of the contemporary art field and connecting them. Women choose an image of what represent “a better world” for them. I project their image on the suitcase/white screen they carry, and photograph them. I question them about their intention and take a video of it. I collect/show everything on my website and then I ask them to nominate another woman to continue the (dream)chain.

The series can take different forms in an exhibition space (photographs, installation, soundtrack, video). I am experimenting with women’s solidarity and positive feelings. There have been more than 30 women participating. I am in the process of creating a big mindmap of this process that has proven to be full of surprises. This work is in progress since 2015.

© Clara Feder